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MU Legend icon Play this extremely anticipated sequel to the classic title, MU Online, that boasts a plethora of new features

Back in the early days of online 3D MMORPGs, few made a name for themselves as much as MU Online did, which established itself as an MMO of a whole different level.

That is, of course, until its spiritual successor, MU Legend came into the picture.

The same familiar feeling, but with significant improvements

MU Legend successfully takes all the elements that made MU Online famous back in the day and gives it a complete graphical overhaul, along with other new features to keep the franchise fresh.

The graphics themselves deserve their review as the dated, low-poly 3D graphics of the original pale in comparison with what this new title brings.

The particle effects are also noteworthy, but all these improvements regarding eye candy come at the cost of having the proper hardware to back it up unless you like playing with your video settings all set to "low."

Same classes, same playstyle

Veterans of the original game will have no problem getting used to this new incarnation of the franchise, since the UI, monsters, play style, and even the classes are the same as before, except for a few quality-of-life tweaks.

You still have the typical warrior, mage archer and hybrid classes that you use to see in vanilla MU, along with a few new classes.

A slight departure from the way MU Online used to function is the way you specialize your characters though.

Create a unique incarnation of your favorite class

A new feature brought by MU Legend is the character customization screen which includes several features including races, facial features, skin tones and more.

Of course, character customizations extends to more than looks, as even the class progression is different now since it is no longer dependent on where you assigned your stat points, instead of gaining access to a skill tree.

This skill tree further allows you to tweak the class in the direction you want it to, eventually gaining access to exclusive skills. Thus you no longer see all warriors spamming the same move, or mages spamming the same spell over and over.

Kill mobs, get loot,  kill bosses, get even better loot

Keeping true to how MU Online used to be played, facing several opponents at once and wiping them all with AoE attacks and spells is something of a trademark for this game.

As you kill bigger and bigger hordes and eventually defeat bosses as well, you will gain access to better and better equipment, which will allow your character to become even stronger.

An excellent game for releasing some steam

If you're a fan of hacking and slashing and want to enjoy it at its purest form, then look no further and give Mu legend a try.

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MU Legend was reviewed by Teodor Nechita
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MU Legend 04.09.2018

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