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Dragon Mania Legends icon Raise dragons of all shapes and sizes, feed them play with them and use their powers to defeat the evil Vikings of Dragolandia

raising pets can be quite relaxing and fun, but the constant maintenance and the fact that a hamster can't do much can sometimes leave you craving for more.

With that thought in mind, plenty of games out there have started simulating what it would be like to have a pet, but not a cat, dog or gerbil, but monsters.

One such game is Dragon Mania Legends, and as the name has probably clued you in, it involves breeding, hatching, raising, feeding and playing with dragons.

From egg to fearsome fighting machine

The object of the game is to raise dragons off all manners or appearances, shapes, sizes, and elemental alignments, allowing you to fill your island with a plethora of scaley creatures.

Your dragons start as eggs which hatch, and you have to take care of the baby by feeding and petting them. Once they reach a certain level, they become ready for combat and breeding.

Rock paper scissors

Dragons can become to one or more of the many elements available, such as fire, earth, wind, water, and more. Each element is strong against another, weak against another, and neutral towards the rest. This is worth remembering during combat, since using the right elemental attack can mean the difference between 50 and 200 damage points.

Time is of the essence

One bad thing about the game is that pretty much everything you do is limited somewhat by time. If you want to make food, stack up gold, breed dragons, hatch eggs or have energy regenerated, you have to wait for the cooldowns to finish.

The problem is that as you advance more and more, you will have to wait more and more time, basically making the game something you have to visit daily but not spend too much time at once if you want to advance without spending money.

A great casual game for dragon lovers

If you are in love with the scaley reptiles that filled pretty much any mythological pantheon, then you will adore Dragon Mania Legends.

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Dragon Mania Legends was reviewed by Teodor Nechita
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Dragon Mania Legends

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