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Heavy Metal Machines icon Race in heavily modified battle vehicles and defeat the enemy team in this multiplayer arena game with MOBA mechanics

The MOBA genre has been quite popular in the last few years, especially since there are so many games to choose from at the moment. Whether you want a classic MOBA like League of Legends or Dota, or something more action-based such as Overwatch or Paladins, there are more than enough options at your disposal. On the other hand, the genre is flexible enough to include even more interesting ideas.

Use powerful machines to defeat your enemies

Heavy Metal Machines is an interesting MOBA with racing elements and fast-paced gameplay mechanics, in which you have to battle other players on various arenas and complete certain objectives. The post-apocalyptic landscape is fairly engaging, but the real attraction is the combat itself, because you can have a lot of fun trying to drive vehicles, fight other players and complete objectives at the same time.

As you might expect, there are multiple characters to choose from, and each one of them comes with unique abilities, making every match different. It’s a bit different than most MOBAs out there, but then again there’s a very helpful tutorial to get you started in the beginning.  In addition, driving around using the mouse can be a bit annoying, especially since you have to react quickly, which is not usually possible.

Decent graphics and action-packed battles

The fact that the vehicles are fairly quick and agile, the matches can turn into annoying chases that lead nowhere, given the fact that most abilities require you to be near your enemies in order to deal damage. In fact, you can pretty much avoid most dangers if you just keep driving around, although that’s usually not a bright idea, because you still have to complete objectives in order to win.

As for the graphics, the top-down view limits the amount of detail in the environment, but as a whole the game world looks pretty decent. Each machine is unique as well, even if you cannot get a proper view of them most of the time. Obviously, the soundtrack is entirely formed out of heavy metal tracks, which helps a lot with the atmosphere and keeps the action rolling at a fast pace.

A great idea that might just work

All in all, Heavy Metal Machines has some neat concepts to work with, but it needs more content and polished mechanics in order to attract more players. Furthermore, some visual improvements would be appreciated as well.

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Heavy Metal Machines was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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