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Phantasmic icon Helps you to control your computer's cooling fans and to keep tabs on your Mac's temperature sensors to monitor the heat generated by its hardware components

Apple's Mac computers come with built-in firmware for controlling the fan speed depending on the temperature of different hardware components and managing temperature within Mac's chassis, but there are cases when you might want to control your machine's fan speeds manually.

Monitor your Mac's hardware temperature from the menu bar

This is where apps such as Phantasmic come in to enable you to bypass the system firmware to adjust your Mac's fan speed according to your own specific needs.

Besides allowing you to control fan speeds based on temperature triggers, Phantasmic also makes it possible to keep a close eye on your Mac's temperature sensors and fans.

Once started on your Mac, Phantasmic is designed to track temperatures and fan speeds, and it will not make any adjustments. However, it asks you to enter your administrator password to install a helper tool which will be used to tweak your computer's fan speeds once you decide to configure it to control your system's fans.

Helps you set custom start temperatures for your Mac's fans

Moreover, the Phantasmic app adds a status bar item which displays the currently selected sensor's temperature and fan's speed in RPM for easy tracking.

Phantasmic's menu bar item also helps you open the Preferences window where you can set the app to launch on login automatically and set its windows to always be on top.

Via Phantasmic's configuration interface you can select the fan and sensor to monitor and, by checking the "Modify Fan" option to set a fan start and max temperature. On this screen, you can also choose one of three variable speed fan controlling profiles from the RPM/Temperature drop-down menu.

Low-key and user-friendly temperature sensor tracker and fan speed controller for your Mac

If you ever decide that you need to restore the default fan control settings, you either have to quit Phantasmic, uncheck the "Modify Fan" option, or click the "Reset to System Defaults" option form the status bar item to delete all preferences and reset the app to the original state.

Everything considered if you need a tool to control the fans non-Apple hardware devices, to start the fans automatically at a lower temperature to prevent your Mac heating up,

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Phantasmic was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan

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Phantasmic 1.2.2

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